The Theme Of Courage In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To kill a Mocking Bird CEL
One novel that explores the theme of courage is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. The book is written through the eyes of Jean Louise Finch (Scout) looking back to a key incident that took place in her childhood. The book is set in the town of Maycomb. Lee uses different narrative techniques to convey the key theme of courage. As well as showing the characters courage, Lee also shows the towns courage. She personifies Maycomb town and portrays it as not so courageous compared to Scout, Jem and Atticus.
One of the things that Lee explores is the towns own courage. She personifies Maycomb and gives the town its own personality. It is “a tired old town” no exiting things have taken place there in years. Unlike Jem
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One day on passing her house whilst returning from the town, Mrs. Dubose called out and said “your fathers no better than the niggers and trash he works for.” Jem ran into her garden in a fit of rage and destroyed all of her prized camellias. When Atticus found out he punished Jem by sending him down to Mrs. Dubose’s house to apologise. He also makes him read to her for two hours a week for two months. Jem doesn’t like doing this because he finds it unfair as he sees what he did as defending his father. But he unwillingly accepts that he must do this to please Atticus. Jem describes Mrs. Dubose as “just plain hell”, little does he know that die was dying and in a lot of pain. Mrs Dubose knows that she’s dying but she wants to die free from sin, she shows courage by overcoming her drug addiction. When she dies we know that she dies happy and free from sin because she leaves Jem a box that contained the perfect camellia. This symbolises that she has forgiven Jem for what he did and that she hopes this could be a peace offering between them. The white also symbolises innocence. She is now as innocent as the moment she entered this earth. This takes courage because do because she is very sick. Even though the days leading up to her passing she probably wasn’t aware of anything going on around her she died happy knowing that shed leave this earth pure of all …show more content…
Suddenly “four dusty cars” pull up in front of their father and a mob of men got out “in ones and twos”. When the lynch mob threatens Atticus’s safety Scout “broke away from Jem” she ran through the lynch mob and “burst into the circle of light”. This is a very courageous thing to do because she didn’t know who was in the mob or why they were there. When Scout saw Atticus “a flash of plain fear was going out of his eyes”. This is when Scout realises that Atticus can also be afraid and that he is being very courageous and standing up for what he believes in. This is a key turning point for Scout because it’s when she realises to the full extent what her father is doing and how he is putting himself out on the firing line to try and help save a black man. It’s also when she and Jem realise that it’s ok to be afraid, everyone’s afraid of

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