The Theme Of Class And Society In Willy Russell's Blood Brothers

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Register to read the introduction… “ Mickey, say good buy to Eddie-he’s moving” this tells that Eddie will never see Mickey again or ever. In addition Russell also put scenes on Mrs. Johnstone and Mrs. Lyons, along side each other to show the differences on the class and society in juxtaposition. Russell attempted to achieve here by the emotion of the audience that affected by this structure. For example Russell is showing different kind of feeling to the audience one by one “ Mickey don’t shoot Eddie. He’s your Brother,” Willy Russell explores and shows many different emotions through out the play to the audience as well as the characters in the play. Russell uses the two characters, Mickey and Eddie to show the differences on the education. Eddie have to go university while Mickey have to stay home and go to work “ How’s university” this tells that Eddie is wealthier and can afford to pay for his education and also suggest that Eddie have good life and smarter than Mickey. Mickey is on the breadline, which he cannot pay for his education like Eddie. He go to public school then after school he goes to work, which he put cardboard boxes together. “ Why… why job is important?” this complies with many issues on class and society through out the play. For example Mickey go to work because he have little money and can’t afford to pay for his …show more content…
Willy Russell uses Eddie to show that he go to university and have private school on his own whereas Mickey don’t even have such things as private or anything on his own.
There are too many gap left between the two characters when Eddie goes to university whilst Mickey has to work instead.
Russell is shown class and society by the differences what they eventually achieve, Mickey loses his job and end up in prison. “ I bleeding hated the job” it justified that Mickey is very unhappy about his job and was extremely unsuccessful for the job. On the other hand Eddie becomes a councilor. Russell achieve here by showing the differences in class and society through Mickey and Eddie.

Willy Russell examine the use of sound and particular language such as posh sound and slang. Which used to show the difference in class between Mickey and Eddie to the audience. The characters react each other about the way they speak and does. For example Willy Russell uses language of the two main characters to reveal the difference in their upbringings and education. Mickey regularly uses slang and shorten words “ Gis a ciggie?” it shows that Mickey is unsatisfied with speaking standard English whilst Eddie shown to be posh by speaking eloquently, “ you, sound dead funny swearing in that posh voice,” Willy Russell state here to show the diversity in class and society

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