False Identity In Huckleberry Finn

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Adventure is a frivolous word in some people’s views. Adventure means nothing more to them than it would mean to any normal Hobbit. With others, adventure can be their entire life’s purpose. For instance, Mark Twain knew a life of adventure. He spent his life following his dreams of becoming a steamboat pilot. After he fulfilled his dreams, he became a famous author who wrote the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This book is known for it’s satire themes and moments. Much of this book revolves around the satire of lies and human stupidity. Wether it is the lies that Huck tells to get out of trouble, the false identities or the irony of how everything always seems to turn out well for Huck, this book revolves around how lies affect people …show more content…
Some of these identities are absolutely ridiculous. One of these ridiculous identities is near the beginning of the book when Huck dresses up as a girl to try and get this woman to talk to him about that is going on in Huck’s old town. Once she realizes that he is actually a boy, Huck decides to lie AGAIN about who he really was. This results in him gaining sympathy fro, the woman who believed his new story. Another example of false identities would be when the King and the Duke enter the story. They each claim to be royalty. On claims to be a 500 year old king and the other claims to be a duke who was kicked out of his position. At first, Huck and Jim both believe them and treat them like they really are royalty. Eventually, Huck realizes that they aren't really royalty but doesn’t say anything because he wants peace. A final example would be when the King and the Duke take the roles of a British man and his deaf and mute brother. They end up tricking the real men’s nieces and nearly stealing $6,000 from the poor girls. Their little charade ends when the real brothers show up and claim that the King and Duke are imposters. The satire of this is that with every lie and false identity, the people always believed Huck, the Duke and The King when they say they are someone when they really

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