Abuse In Eleanor & Park

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Abuse. Something that leaves scars that can never heal. Something that can tear you down until you have no hope or happiness in the world anymore. Although abuse isn’t the obvious theme in Eleanor & Park, rather an underlying theme, it is still important to talk about. This can teach us a lesson we all need to learn. Abuse is what tore our protagonists down and filled them with sorrow. We can see Eleanor being mistreated and abused when she goes as far to say she hates her stepfather. We can also view that Eleanor is eventually so scared by her abuser that she must run away.

In the book Eleanor & Park, the author has a deeper meaning for the torture Eleanor is facing. She stands as a symbol to show that no one is abandoned, no matter how dark it can get. Abuse is an immense and serious subject that needs to be discussed more to teens, and Eleanor shows exactly what you should do. Eleanor’s toxic stepfather tries to bring her down in every way imaginable. He taunts her, calls her names, even hits her. Eleanor couldn’t stand him, and knew he was a revolting person. According to the text, “She hated him more than she hated any other human” ( Eleanor & Park, p 113 ) Hate is an intense word. We often overuse this word, not know its
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It takes over us and it never seems to go away. Even after Eleanor got away from her stepfather, I am sure she was still fearful. I am sure the fear still lingers with her, even as she grows into adult. The truth is, abuse is not forgiving, and it will cause you so much pain. We see this when Eleanor says she hates her stepfather and when she feels the need to leave her home. Abuse will take part of you and never give it back. It will tear apart relationships, happiness, a sense of safety, trust, and love. Eleanor is a symbol to show that you are not alone. Abuse affects many people. Although we may not realize it, Eleanor’s story can inspire many people to speak out, and get the help they

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