The Theme Of A Dolls House Essay

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The theme of religion in a dolls house
The story of a Dolls house by Ibsen is full of unique and hidden messages. In the play, there are numerous details that only seem to have a slight importance to the play. This is why it is vital to use close reading. Close reading allows a better understanding for what Ibsen is trying to say not just what the words mean. Throughout the story a Dolls House it is easy to notice the importance of material belongings to the main characters. The purpose of this paper is to show how the importance of holidays and how they are subordinate to materials and self-worth in the play as well as how these religious symbols relate to the charters in the play.
What is Christmas all about? After reading the play a Dolls house, Christmas, I realized that Christmas is only brought up a few times. From the stage directions, they inform the reader that Nora has just purchased a Christmas tree. Christmas seems like something that would be brought up rather often in the play if that is when the play takes place. In a Dolls House, that is the opposite of what actually happens. When taking a deeper examination into the importance of what time of year that the play takes place in. It comes to the attention of the reader what Ibsen was trying to achieve with the time being set at Christmas. He is trying to show how material belongings can blind somebody from events that are more significant. Christmas is incredibly…

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