The, The Writer Discusses Different Scenarios Regarding Critical Thinking

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Reading Gladwell (2005) book Blink, the writer discusses different scenarios regarding critical thinking. Critical thinking can be several different things, it could mean taking that time to understand the situation and go through the problem solving process to fully understand before making a decision. Additionally, it could mean having the experience and knowledge to understand a situation and how to handle it differently versus someone that is inexperience. Sometimes it is merely trusting that gut instinct because thin slicing a situation could be the best solution. Regardless, different situations will arise that will require you to utilize several different forms of critical thinking. Additionally, as Gladwell (2005) and Facione and Gittens (2013) discuss the importance that you keep an open mind and assess situations with confidence in your decision making skills.
Many individuals do not like change and they will shy away from anything new or different. Could it be possible that people dislike something simply out of fear of the unknown or can a split second allow them to decide they dislike it? Could that be why people need assistance from professionals, friends or family to learn new things? In Gladwell (2005), the book mentions a young artist that has been attempting to make it big within the music industry. This new artist was finally discovered by a music mogul that brought him in to hear in person. This music mogul instantly thought he would be a big success…

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