The, The Wife Of Zeus Essay

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One of the most important characters in the poem is Helen, the wife of Zeus. As I stated in the begging, Athena wanted help from Zeus for Achilles and he refused. We encounter how Zeus didn’t help the Trojans at first because of the opinion of his wife who is Hera. She favored the Greeks so she didn’t want Zeus to get involved. We see how Zeus who is the king of gods, helps out the Trojans and that’s when the power of Hera slightly decreases due to the fact that he did completely different from what she asked him. At one part, Zeus got really frustrated with Hera because he was trying to mind his own business and trying to do what he thought was right and we see how her interfering made him very angry: “How absurd you are! You are always imagining things; I can never escape you. Yet the only thing you accomplish with the such suspicious is to distance yourself from my heart, to your own undoing” (Homer 1.546). We see how women are always treated poorly from males. Hera should be one of the most powerful women because of Zeus but when it comes to between them, she has no power. Goddesses have that potential to have a voice in society and what they believe in but it’s always the male before the female and we see how its clearly presented in the text between Hera and Zeus. Throughout the book we see how Hera hatches up a plan to seduce Zeus to have sex with him and make him fall asleep. After she calls Poseidon to help the Achaeans while his asleep: “Go now, Poseidon; bring as…

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