The, The Wanderer And The Seafarer Essay example

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In the medieval period, the Old English elegies use unnamed speakers that offer similar descriptions of devastated landscapes and immense personal hardships. However, where the unknown authors’ of the Old English elegies often present smilier descriptions and themes across their respective works, they do not present similar opinions on larger concerns like religion and the role of community. This is a concept that is interwoven into the framework of the Old English elegies “The Wanderer” and “The Seafarer”. By comparing and contrasting these two works, this paper will argue that the unnamed narrators’ vivid descriptions of landscapes, circumstances surrounding their exile, and climactic perspectives on the earthly community function solely for the unknown authors’ to express their own opinions on the type of a community that an individual should associate with in medieval life. In each Old English elegy, the unnamed narrators’ both offer vivid descriptions of desolated and freezing landscapes. However, the specific objects that are described are vastly different. As the wanderer travels across “[the] middle-earth” (“The Wanderer” 74) that he inhabits, he only discovers “walls [that] stand blasted by wind / beaten by frost” (76-77) around him. These descriptions of “buildings crumbling” (77) and “wine halls toppl[ing]” (78) down are significant because they not only suggest a fierce nostalgia for an earthly community and companionship that these abandon buildings symbolize,…

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