The ' The Slip N ' Slide Of Pas Essay

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Brittany Donnelly English 1A
Tim Sowles
18 May 2016
The Slip n’ Slide of PAS
Physician-Assisted Suicide (PAS) is the act of intentionally providing an individual with the means to die. The act is executed by a doctor either by performing the act or by counselling an individual about drugs that can assist in making the process achievable. In most countries PAS is surrounded by a lot of controversies hence making it illegal. In America, PAS has contributed much in the history of medicine and most specifically the evolution of euthanasia. PAS is controversial because it defies the principles of natural death. Moreover, there are various circumstances surrounding PAS that do not warrant for the process to be carried out. These controversies are both legally and socially driven. The main controversy, however, is that exact limits of actions regarding euthanasia do not exist. There is a challenge in terms of differentiating between the morality and legality of taking an individual’s life with the claim that they are being assisted. The need to legalize PAS is influenced by the fact that patients commit suicide even without euthanasia (Pickert).
Some people believe that PAS should be legalized in order to spare those who are suffering and cannot end their lives themselves, to ensure a dignity in death and to give a patient control over their lives when used as a last resort. Although, it is proven that legalizing PAS would create a slippery slope to involuntary and/or…

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