Essay on The, The Sense Of Self, And The Experience Of Reality

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Ultimately, intense modifications in the sensorium, the sense of “self,” and the experience of reality are all experienced throughout the phase up until the presence of the hallucinogen is no longer present in the body (Volkow 2016, Alonso 2015). A very similar process occurs when a dissociative drug is ingested, like PCP (Phencyclidine), ketamine, and dextromethorphan, but instead, events of respiratory depression, heart rate abnormalities, and a withdrawal syndrome can occur while the user may begin to feel out of control and disconnected from their own body and environment. In some cases, this leads to a craving or an addiction and the affected user decides to consume more psychedelics; not only does this increase the influence, length, and “realism” of the experience, but the presence and amount of the component it gives off (for example, serotonin) will exceed into a very abnormal amount and create a very unstable state onto the user that typically results in death (Volkow 2016, Aghajanian and Marek 1998). Sadly, the exact mechanism/reason/process in how the classical and dissociative drugs give hallucinations to victims has yet to be discovered and is still misunderstood by many. However, research suggests that classical psychedelics, specifically “serotonergic psychedelics”, work by sending an abnormal amount of the neurotransmitter serotonin into the intestines after ingestion. As a result, this temporarily disrupts communication between neurotransmitter systems…

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