The, The Phenomenon That Is Dropbox, And The Holy Trinity Of Social Media

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The Phenomenon that is Snapchat
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are known as the “Holy Trinity” of social media. However, there is a relatively new app that is being talked about and ranked highly among the masses. This app is called Snapchat.
“In just a few seconds, [Snapchat] allows you to showcase your love for waffles or make your nostrils part of the Google logo. It’s magical.” (Simcik) Here’s how Snapchat works; you take a picture (there’s even a video option!), add a filter, maybe some text with an emoticon, and, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can use the colored pencil icon to add some artistic flare—Google “most creative Snapchat masterpieces” if you’re really interested. Once your Snap masterpiece is complete, you can add it to Your Story—a 24-hour chronological mash-up of one’s Snaps— or send it to as many Snapchat contacts as you want! Kobi Watkins, a high school student, said, “Snapchat is one of my favorite apps to ever exist! It’s a fast way to send funny pictures and videos to my friends. Sometimes Snapchat is easier than texting because I can send the same picture to a whole group of friends.”
Evan Spiegel, a Stanford student, first introduced “Picaboo”, now known as “Snapchat”, to a product design class where his classmates rejected the idea of sending and receiving impermanent photos. Despite the negative response to the app, Spiegel, along with co-creators Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, launched the app, first limited to iPhone users, in July of…

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