Essay on The, The Party Of God

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Hezbollah, also known as “the party of god”, began as a small and weak organization in 1982. However, tensions between Muslims in Lebanon and Jews in Israel only intensified their separation and desire to become an established defense against the dominating Israeli military. Today, they are considered the most organized and technically capable terrorist groups, one that is compared to al-Qaeda. Their main objective is to destroy the non-legitimate state of Israel and transform the Arab world into an Islamic façade. Hezbollah allegedly possess and uses their diverse and massive advanced weapons arsenal for their continuous attacks against Israel. For more than thirty years, and under the rule of Hassan Nasrallah, the fighting and killing between Hezbollah and Israel is a constant reality and is not showing signs of decline any time soon. Hezbollah’s terrorist efforts are not limited to striking Israel; they are responsible for producing some of the deadliest attacks against United States personnel overseas during the 1980s. They are also responsible for several airliner hijackings, assassinations, and bombings of Israeli embassies in Latin America. Hezbollah’s preferred terror tactic is that of suicide bombings, either through the use of a vehicle or person(s). More importantly, Iran provides training, soldiers, and financial support to Hezbollah’s objectives, and both have a robust relationship with Syria. They also receive millions of dollars around the world from their…

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