The, The Noble Feat Of Nike Essay

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Every hour of every day could be filled by the stories of a family’s breadwinner losing their job to cheap labor overseas when their greedy company decides to globalize. My perspective is driven by the effects of outsourcing will give the general public lower prices on goods, but will also destroy the U.S. economy in the long run. I do realize that globalization affects more than just Americans. When businesses move the majority of their jobs overseas, those countries experience a boom of economic growth and often bring them to the twenty-first century of technology. However, the U.S. economy doesn’t get affected as much as the loss of thousands of jobs would seem to cause. After researching a variety of perspectives on globalization, I find that I agree with the perspective of Lisa Smith the most, whose theory is that Americans won’t be largely affected by globalization in the long-term.
Johan Norberg’s 2003 article from The Spectator “The Noble Feat of Nike” is about how Nike factories in Vietnam have contributed to new found-wealth for the Vietnamese people and their economy while saving them from grueling work on farms. Before Nike, jobs were “10 to 14 hours a day in the burning sun or the intensive rain” (189). Those horrible conditions compared to an air conditioned factory with regular work hours are a major improvements for the county. The Nike Vietnamese workers also get paid 54 dollars a month, which is so high “that they are almost luring doctors and teachers…

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