Essay on The, The Ministry Of Love

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Truth is Torture In the book 1984, the Ministry of Love essentially is a facility where prisoners are brought and kept for torturing; where they are taught to love Big Brother. The prisoners are individuals whom are believed to have committed a thought-crime or opposed Big Brother in various ways. The Ministry of Love is an immense complex full of windowless rooms where prisoners are unable to see daylight and lose a complete sense of time. These prisoners are constantly monitored by a telescreen, which, if you make the wrong movements, will scream at you to sit still. Every prisoner will undergo some sort of interrogation where they confess to crimes, ones they have committed, and even to those that they have not. The techniques used in the Ministry of Love are very extreme and brutal. For example, during Winston’s first beating, his arm is broken at the elbow; this did not give the torturers any information, but seemed to only serve the purpose of injuring and torturing the prisoner. In the case of Winston, he was tortured many times and to the point where he would confess to any imaginable crime just to stop the torture and beatings; which would stop momentarily and then continue a short time later. The treatments that they use vary from electrocution to beatings to starvation and everywhere in-between. Then the interrogation began. Winston was strapped to a table and unable to move, then he saw O’Brien standing over him. O’Brien questioned Winston about life in…

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