The ' The Hit Tv Show Sister Wives On Tlc Network Essay

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The hit TV show Sister Wives on TLC network focuses on a family of twenty-two which consists of not one, not two, not three, but four women who serve as wives to husband Kody Brown. Polygamy has become an especially controversial topic in the press lately. Polygamy remains not legal in the U.S, however many families have found legal ways to get by with it through religion. Although the act of polygamy is illegal, enforcement of the crime has proved difficult because all of the marriages are not legal on paper and other wives serve as spiritual wives, giving courts no way in punishing this situation.
Polygamy is not legal, although in some cases it is practiced through ones religion all throughout the world. Even though it is illegal in the U.S. it often is practiced legally in many areas of Africa and some parts of Asia. Polygamy usually is practiced because of one’s religion like Islam, Hinduism, and Mormonism. The Islamic law states that a man can take up to four wives, Hinduism and Mormonism allows multiple wives.
The Brown family claims Mormonism as their religion. Husband Kody Brown met his first wife Meri Brown in 1990. He married second wife Janelle Brown in 1993 and asked her to be his wife on the first date after meeting each other on a camping trip. He married third wife Christine Brown just a year later through her sister when he proposed at his birthday party. As these four carried out their marriage they admit there were some hardships and sometimes…

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