The, The Friend, By Marge Piercy Essay

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Abortion is a steadily growing practice throughout the world. Approximately 50 million abortions are known worldwide each year and only about 1.6 million of those abortions happened in the United States alone (Albatrus). Women have had an abortion to save their careers, relationships, and appearances. In the poem, “The Friend,” Marge Piercy is showing how much men have an impact on women. The man in the poem tells the woman in the poem to chop off her hands. When she says “I love you,” he simply replies, “have you chopped off your hands yet” (Piercy 359)? Society has a huge impact on how women should look, so much so that women turn towards plastic surgery, diets, and in this situation abortion. Abortion can simply be defined as the removal of a fetus or more commonly, an unborn child. The fetus is pulled piece by piece out of the woman’s uterus. Abortion should be considered a serious crime based on medical definitions of “life,” the fact that killing a pregnant mother constitutes as a double homicide, and Americans’ basic understanding of human rights. Scientists have stated any physical being with a heartbeat is considered “alive.” Medical examiners have said at eighteen to twenty-five days after conception the heart is already beating. The brain waves are present by six weeks, at eight weeks fingerprints are recognizable and internal organs are functioning. At nine weeks the baby weighs about thirty grams, is about eight centimeters long, can already feel pain, move,…

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