The, The Distance Between Us, Poverty, Family, And Mentors Essay

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Where there is poverty people are sometimes forced to break from their families in order to have a better life. To successfully escape poverty, there needs to be one or more elements to be in place that a person can take hold of to propel themselves into opportunity and success. This is the case of the immigrant family in Reyna Grande’s “The Distance Between Us.” Poverty, family, and mentors affected Reyna and influenced how she managed her need for education and desire to become a writer. These influences also helped her develop a character of resilience that has helped her overcome her obstacles and continue on with her education. The book is a roadmap for people who find themselves in poverty as the author’s situation early in her life mirrored that of countless people in the third world looking for a way out.

Reyna’s family played a pivotal role in her journey. Her father’s words of of encouragement that education is the key to having a future was an important element in her development, Yet, there were times she did not have his support. But her older sisters stepped up and gave her the support she needed. They recognized Reyna’s love of writing, and together they got her on the path to higher education, and got her to be a writer in spite of the poverty she came from.

Reyna’s rocky relationship with her father and her father’s refusal to help her go to UC Irvine marked a turning point for Reyna. She realized that education was her only way out of her…

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