The, The Crisp Sound That Can Not Truly Be Perceived By Text Essay

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Vwoop, the crisp sound that can only create by the page flipping of outdated books is forever ingrained in my memory, just like certain characteristics of anyone 's best friend are ingrained in theirs. Perhaps identifying an inanimate object as a childhood best friend is peculiar but I took what I could get. Books can teach you so many things but somethings are cannot truly be perceived by text. Somethings have to be learned my feeling and interacting. Vwoop, I turned the page of my French book sophomore year scanning over the next pages poorly drawn, ridiculous, cartoon characters who were discussing lunch in speech bubbles. I couldn’t care less about the lesson; we were just going basic conjugations for the hundredth time. Ten minutes in and I was practically bouncing in my seat at this point, I figured I might as well focus my mental energy on something I hadn’t figured out yet, my classes for the next year. So far I had enough credits to put me on track to graduate a year early and would soon be forced to pick my poison for the next year in either the form of innumerable tedious silent study halls or more classes that would probably make me lose what little faith I had left in humanity. Somewhere between 1st and 2nd person conjugations my brain conjured an idea that just might save me from either poison, this would be my antidote or so I thought. Fast forward five months later, here I was walking into a school with my black shoes, black socks, black skirt,…

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