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Often called the weakest branch of the government, the Supreme Court suffers from a flaw in its own design, that being, justices are appointed and not voted in, an autocracy on the bench. Like the majority of what has been taught in this class and more specifically mentioned in Dr. Parenti’s book is overarching story of racism, misogyny and other characteristics of class warfare carried out by white, male capitalists. What makes the Supreme Court different is not their connections to the corporate world, but the fact that suppression is truly as prevalent as it 's described in Chapter 10 of Democracy for the Few. When it comes to domestic intelligence gathering in modern America we have come accept that privacy is a thing of the past, with the advent of cellphones, the internet and social media, intelligence gathering has never been easier for the government. Decades ago suppression of “anti-American” or “socioeconomic radical ideas” were carried out in secret on a massive scale and on smaller scales with loads of publicity. The McCarthy Trials, The Hollywood 8 and the Rosenbergs were all big news stories and help feed into what the justice department needed and that was public support for police actions. We live in a country where a big joke is the government coming to get you, we laugh about it being something that doesn’t happen outside of cartoonish countries with made up names, but even in 2015, “suspicious activity” and “threats to national security” are still…

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