The, The And, And Its Effects On The Refugee Center Essay

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- Hushpuppy pulls the rope and blasts the levee. This is a hard decision for Hushpuppy to make since she has to take responsibility for whatever damage her action would bring to Bathtub afterwards. Her action allows her to later pass from Bathtub to the city refugee center. It turns out that the explosion and the decrease of the water level doesn’t help the village to get better and it even causes city people to find Bathtub and brings Bathtub people to the refugee center. Hushpuppy now understands the consequences and responsibilities that come along with decision-making and is determined to make up for her mistake by leading people back to Bathtub.

- Hushpuppy has to swim for a long distance and takes a ship owned by a strange guy to go to a restaurant where she thinks her mother is at. The long-distanced swimming challenge represents the ordeal she has to face while passing from Bathtub, her everyday world, to the world her mother lives in.

- The village doesn’t get better even after the explosion. Worse, people from the city find Bathtub and forces Bathtub people to move to the city refugee center. The lost of the last hope of Bathtub to be successfully reconstructed, freedom, and homes suffocates Hushpuppy and other villagers.

- Hushpuppy describes the refugee center as a “fish tank with no water,” suggesting how restrained she feels in the city. She is forced to wear city-girl dress and is separated from her father. In addition, city people take away things…

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