Essay about The Thanh Nguyen 's Novel, The Sympathizer

1974 Words Dec 8th, 2016 8 Pages
The events in Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel, The Sympathizer, occur in the 1970’s after the Vietnam War and portray the lives of many affected by the war. Although men receive most of the attention from the Author women still play an important role in depicting the lives of Vietnamese after the war. Women show a different side of the post-Vietnam war plots enhancing it greatly. The plot of the novel is told through the eyes of the narrator who is a communist spy. The story is a flashback and is a confession by the narrator due to imprisonment. He is the son of a young Vietnamese mother and French father, who was a priest. The narrator faces many self-identity issues throughout his life due to his mixed heritage. Due to his bloodline He feels different from both Vietnamese and White Americans. His Mother is a great example of a strong female influence on his life. She was very poor and could not read, but still tried to provide he narrator the best life possible. His mother was his biggest supporter believing that he would have successful life. She represents the hard working and caring moms of children born after the Vietnam War This is unlike his Father who viewed the narrator as worthless. The narrator has a high level of animosity towards his father’s hypocrisy that raising him catholic, but also believing the church was dishonorable. “My Mother called me her love child, but I do not like to dwell on that. In the end, my father had it right. He called me nothing at all”…

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