The Text Of The Poem Essay

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The text of the poem focuses on the feelings that the author has about being outcast and useless in the eyes of the audience or other people in his life. The author becomes self-preoccupied with self-reflection staying alone and weeping over his position as a social outcast.
The poem depicts the author as feeling hopeless amidst other people that were more successful and capable. He wished he were like other people that had more hope in their lives and who were surrounded by friends. It is clear that the author considers other people to have other capabilities that he does not possess. The poet indicates, “With what I most enjoy contented least.” This means the things he used to enjoy the most earlier on no longer satisfy him. The thoughts cause him to despise himself and he indicates how he thinks of the other person who is luckier and about his misery. The poem indicates a state of depression in the author where he considers himself to be in disgrace with fortune. He feels that he has been having bad luck with his fortunes having changed in the recent past causing him to envy the friendships and skills of other artists. He feels very hopeless because the heavens are deaf to his cry. However, the situation improves when he thinks about his lover and feels that the thought of the lover is enough to improve his situation and enhance the level of hope that he feels despite feeling useless in the beginning and considering himself unfortunate. The author uses metaphorical…

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