Essay about The Text Live River

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Range Analysis
This paper analyzes the appropriateness of the text Live River (a short story consists of 1428 running words) for students who have mastered the most frequent 2000 words, but have not reached higher levels. Apart from that, modifications based on the data from “Vocabprofiler” are given in order to reach the 98% text coverage or more, so that students can get ideal comprehension. “Vocabprofiler” (Cobb, 2002), a software for lexical text analysis, classifies the words by their frequency bands. Meanwhile, you can also see the number of words that are likely to be unknown by students. It is used to analyze the text combining with the BNC/COCA-25 (Nation & Davies), a list derived from the original British National Corpus (BNC).
Data Analysis
The “Vocabprofiler” output provides a clear distribution of the word families, types and tokens in the text. According to the data (Table 1), the cumulative coverage of tokens in K-1 word level is 88.73%, including 1267 tokens. The figure for cumulative coverage in K-2 word level is 93.21%. There are 64 tokens in this word level, which takes up 4.48% of total token amount. The “Off-List” consists of 9 types, accounting for 53 tokens. Among them, 6 types are proper nouns (Kenny, Archer, Robert, Amazon, rainforest and weekend). “Kenny”, “Archer”, “Robert” and “Amazon” are names, occurring 5,13,15 and 1 times respectively. The six words account for 3.57% tokens. Many researchers believe that proper nouns have a…

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