Essay on The Texas Osteopathic Medical Association For Division Six

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As vice president of the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association for division six, board certified in otolaryngology, head and neck oncology surgery, and facial plastic surgery, I am deeply honored to recommend John Francis Bradley for admission to the college of osteopathic medicine. Through his demonstration of qualities that will promote wellness and longevity in his patients and his profession, I foresee John to be a valuable asset to the future of osteopathic medicine.

In June, 2014 John contacted my office with the intent to shadow an osteopathic physician. As of yet he has accompanied me for close to thirty hours of patient visits and intends to do so until he begins medical school. During this time it has been my pleasure to see John grow both in his ability to assist me with some medical procedures, and in his embrace of the dynamic nature of relating personally to the people receiving that treatment. This lack of complacency tells me that John is a humble and inquisitive man who truly loves treating a person as a unit of body, mind and spirit.

I have reviewed John’s application and was impressed by his ability to overcome a significant grade point deficit through his outstanding performance in advanced courses in the fields of biology and chemistry, far surpassing the basic pre-med requirements. When I questioned his last two semesters at Baylor, he honestly told me that he was in a temporary state of academic indifference due to the emotional distress of a drawn…

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