The Texas Law And The Practice Of Psychology Essay

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The Texas Law and the Practice of Psychology (TL, 2016, pp. 2-7) book, confirms that sexual abuse by the mental health provider is considered an illegal and unethical course of action. Sexual abuse can be considered but is not limited to emotional, mental, and the most common form to be reported physical. Sexual abuse is known as the unwanted secual behavior from one person to another. Forms of sexual abuse include but are not limited to rape, stalking, and non-consensual gestures. In the Texas Law and Procedure (TL, 2016, Sec.81.002) The employer of the mental health service provider is responsible for the patient or former patient if he or she suffers directly or indirectly, a physical, or emotional injury caused by, or resulting from the professional setting this act resulting from (1) Sexual contact (2) sexual exploitation (3) therapeutic deception. When it comes to reporting a therapist-client sexual relationship (TL, 2016 Sec.81.006) reports that if there is a reasonable cause to suspect from the mental health service provider or employer that a client has been sexually exploited either have up to the 30h day of being aware to report the sexual misconduct or allegation to the prosecuting attorney or any state licensing board. Also, if this report is to be made the reporter must confirm whether the alleged victim would like to remain anonymous.
In the Texas Administrative Code, Rules Relating to the Licensing and Regulation or Professional Counselors (TAC, SEC.…

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