The Texas Constitution : The State Of Texas Essay

1138 Words Sep 7th, 2015 5 Pages
Kristin Paull
Professor Jennifer Ritchey
Texas Government 2306
September 7, 2015
The Texas Constitution The state of Texas has gone through many constitutional revisions since the first was introduced. It differs in many ways from the federal constitution and has some provisions that are unique to it. The current constitution is continually growing and being revised as times change, to become more modern for our industrialized state.
A state constitution dictates how the government of the state will be structured, as well as providing basic rules for the governing of the state (Brown et al. 42). The state government’s primary source of power for policymaking also comes from the state constitution (Brown et al. 42). A state constitution contains a bill of rights and outlines the state government’s structure of government branches, resembling the federal constitution (“State Constitutions vs. The U.S. Constitution”). However, they differ in from each other in many ways. The state constitutions tend to put more emphasis on limiting power rather than granting it, as it has already established its general authority (“State Constitutions vs. The U.S. Constitution”). State constitutions also tend to address topics that are unique to the state (“State Constitutions vs. The U.S. Constitution”). The Texas Constitution is now on its seventh version, which was adopted in 1876 (Brown et al. 54). The first Texas constitution was introduced under the Mexican federal system as the…

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