The Texas Constitution And The Constitution Essay

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There have been several calls to revamp the Texas Constitution. What has been the rationale for significant changes to the Texas constitution? Describe the attempts in the mid-1970s and in 1999 to change the constitution. Why did each attempt fail? The Texas Constitution, is a legal structure of the government which establishes its powers and authority as well as his limits of power. Texas legislature has proposed amendments to the state constitution every few years, for these amendments to take back that requires voter approval. Texas constitutions have been shaped by historical developments from the first Constitution until the current Constitution which is our six. Each Constitution was an attempt to address shortcomings in the previous Constitution. Texas in 1827 fell under the Mexican Constitution, in 1836 Texas is great from Mexico created the Constitution of the Republic of Texas. After nine years as an independent Republic Texas was brought in to the union as a state in 1845. Due to Texas slavery issue, Texas voters approved succession from the union in 1861, thus joining the Confederacy. Due to the defeat of the Civil War the policy of reconstruction which included rejection of the right to succession brought Texas back into the union in 1866. The reconstruction Constitution of 1866 was never completed by the delegates and under military of officials orders the Constitution became complete in 1869. During this time the Texas government was controlled by a…

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