Essay about The Texas Constitution And The Constitution

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The Texas constitution is the legal framework within which the government works, and it impacts on the everyday life of Texan as much as the U.S. Constitution does. It does not only want to create sets of rules but it was to limit the power of political party and save it from being abused. The Texas Constitution has gone through many historical changes and amendments. Texas was a part of Mexico before, when Mexico was ruled by the Spain. On August 21, 1821 Mexico was formally independent from Spain then Texas had their first constitution under Mexican Constitution. After this Texas became part of United States as there were more immigration from other parts of America to Texas. So, on 1836 a new constitution was formed under U.S. Constitution; The Texas Republic in the Constitution and other remaining Constitution are ; Texas State Constitution of 1845, The Constitution of 1861: Texas joins the Confederacy, The Constitution of 1866: Texas Rejoins the union, The reconstruction Constitution of 1869, and The Constitution of 1876 which is the present constitution of Texas. On September 17, 1787 U.S. Constitution was drafted for the first time in the history then it was translated into German and Dutch Language as all the people would not understand English Language (Mulligan, Douma, Lind, and Quinn). The U.S. Constitution and Texas Constitution both work together to make a difference in life of Texan. There are many similarities between the Constitution of U.S. and…

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