Essay about The Texas Constitution And The Constitution

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The Texas constitution was written in 1876 which was more than a century ago. During this time, Texas was still developing and is still growing today. The constitution has three limitations that can be considered in order for the constitution to be rewritten. Which include the length and organization, the bill of rights, and the legislative branch of the government. The constitution was written during the time when people had, the limitation of government powers, and limits on the legislatures branch. According to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, the Texas constitution is known as the “most disorganized, confusing, and long constitution compared to the other states”. Due to the fact the constitution is out dated, I strongly agree with the statement: The Texas Constitution needs to be rewritten completely.
We live under two constitutions, the state and our national, both being completely different. The Texas Constitution is not only long with excessive amount of detail it also isn’t fit for today’s population. The constitution was written on February 15, 1876, during the Reconstruction era and just when the Democrats had recently just regained the power of Texas. The Texas constitution of 1876 was written as a reaction to the Republican Party at that time, because it was a reaction written properly which can be seen by the number of times it has been changed over the years. The constitution was based on the fact that “everything is bigger in Texas” (Texas…

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