The Testament Of The Bible Essay

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The Bible is a collection of sixty-six books that were written by several different biblical authors at different times and locations throughout ancient history to tell God’s purpose for all creation. Through the many literature forms of narratives, dialogues, proverbs, and parables the Bible provides many stories about the good and bad ancient people, the battles and journeys of the times, the early church, and the life of Jesus Christ. The Bible is divided into two sections the Old Testament which was written before Christ and the New Testament which was written after Christ. This paper will explore the New Testament to define what the New Testament is, explain how we attained the New Testament, and provide detail of the importance of studying the New Testament. The first section of the Christian Bible, the Old Testament, is biblical literature that reveals the holiness of God and promises the coming of a redeemer which relates to God’s people before the coming of Christ (Schenck, 2010 p.1). In contrast, the second section of the Christian Bible, the New Testament, is biblical literature telling the story of Jesus Christ as He teaches God’s people how receive salvation which relates to God’s people after the coming of Jesus Christ (Schenck, 2010 p.1). The New Testament contains twenty-seven books including gospels, epistles, and an apocalypse written by an array of biblical authors to that tell the story of Jesus Christ from His birth through His life to His death,…

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