The Test Of The Tests Essay

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Each one of the tests were very different, from how they were formatted to what their purpose is and what my results ended up being. All of the tests took place online, The first one I took was from There was no time limit on answering the questions, it consisted of only about twenty questions, which when reflected on were not very difficult. I was able to complete the test in about fifteen minuets, because it was not timed I felt fairly confident that I had done well and my score reflected that. Based on this IQ test alone my result was 125, making me almost in the top two percent of IQ scores. As much as I wish I could believe this result I found that my results here didn 't match up to my past performances in school or work (International High IQ society, 2016). The next test I took was from This one was in high contrast to the pervious one in that it was timed— points would be added or deducted depending on if you met the time guide lines. The questions being asked were considerably more difficult, the answer was not right in front of you and could not be drawn from just memory. They were all dealing with problem solving and paying attention to detail all while under a short period of time. My results from this test were also much different than my original from, here my results reflected much more realistically to how I preform in other places in my life. My results reflected that I am right about average with a score of…

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