The Test Of The Intelligence Test Essay

710 Words Nov 14th, 2016 3 Pages
I used the website for the intelligence test. This website says the IQ test they designed was developed by Virginia tech university experts. Moreover, this IQ test is based on 25 questions and I had 60 seconds to answer each question with a maximum total score of 100 and they only give you the score when you give them your personal information at the end of the test. Furthermore, I believe the test was missing a lot of visual content. I have seen other IQ tests with a lot more visual content where they show you for few seconds something you have to remember or match with something else, which is usually used to test memory but this website doesn’t offer this at all. This IQ test I took, focus mainly on math, verbal and logical thinking. Also, I don’t think it is based on memory and had no visual content.
I found quite interesting that all math problems were put in writing and presenting in real time scenarios. This would allow the person to use the Stenberg’s theory of what he called practical Intelligence, which allows us to adapt, select and shape the knowledge we have to real life situations. Analytical intelligence was also measured on this IQ test. However, it was definitely missing creative intelligence which I understand might be really difficult to measure because we all can be creative in different ways and we might use it as we needed, but this is a really important factor that should be considered on these kinds of tests. In addition, even though…

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