Essay on The Test I Had Like A Projective Test

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The test I took happened to be a personality inventory. Instead of being presented with an image and told to describe what i saw like a projective test, I was asked to rate myself on a scale one to five about how I function and my behavior. It is often called a objective personality test because its results come from comparing an individuals answers to the standardized norms collected from groups of people.
I agree with the results from the personality test I took. I received close to the highest score possible on the agreeableness trait. This is true to me giving that I try every moment of every day to please others. I feel like I have failed who i am if they are not satisfied. I have a high concern for others and tend to feel as if most people are trustworthy and honest even if they have reasons to not be. On the extraversion trait was my lowest of all score. It showed that i was considered an introvert and this was indeed correct. Instead of becoming energized with socialization, I tend to become tired by it. I much rather choose down time to myself rather than feeling the need to be around a crowd of people at all times. As a person, i’m more to myself and find enjoyment and relaxation from it. Also, I resulted with a high neuroticism score as well which is also correct. I tend to experience feeling such as anxiety, guilt, and depressed moods quite often. In most times with little tasks, I feel as if its impossible or hopeless for me to complete. If my boss suggested…

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