The Terrorist Attack On The World Trade Center And The Pentagon

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September 11th, like few other dates in the history of our country, will be permanently engraved in all American’s memories. Even though the events of this tragic day are behind us, the economy is still feeling the burden of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The economy was already experiencing a fall off before the attack. Despite the struggling times, Wall Street analysts believed that with the six Federal Rate cuts, the United States economy could avoid recession.
Then came September 11th an attack that shook the nation. Never had an attack been made on United States mainland soil. Two United and two American Airline airplanes were hijacked by terrorists and flown into strategic targets in America. There were at least four to five hijackers on each plane. They were armed with knives, and having at least one person among them capable of piloting the plane. The hijackers took over the planes, ousted the pilots, and directed the planes on suicide missions. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center 's Twin Towers in New York City, another into the Pentagon in Washington DC and a fourth in Pennsylvania. The result of the attack, the Twin Towers collapsed, part of the Pentagon was crushed, and thousands of people died. The attack was part of a jihad, or holy war by the Muslims in the Middle East against America. They resent us for our freedom and for our occupation of the Middle East. Americans responded with true American spirit and…

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