The Terror Of The United States Essay

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Throughout history there have been witch hunts all over the world, including America. Many of these hunts have been part of the shaping of modern America. One of the largest and most known the the attacks against America on September 11, 2001 and witch hunts followed. Nineteen members of a terrorist group called al-Qaeda who practice an extreme form of Islam hijacked four planes in several United States airports. They successfully flew two into the World Trade Center, one into part of the pentagon, and another was meant for Washington, D.C. The plane meant for Washington, D.C. was informed of the plans for their plane before they reached the desired location. A group of passengers fought the terrorists for control for the plane. The terrorists then crashed the plane into a field to ensure that the passengers did not gain control of the plane. The group of terrorists do not support democracy in Western countries especially the United States. Al-Qaeda also does not support the strong western military presence in Middle Eastern countries. Since the founding of this group in the 1980’s they have funded and helped in many bombings worldwide. The attack on the United States was inevitable but we were not prepared for it. A month after the horrific events the United States and its Allies invaded Afghanistan. They brought down the current group in power, the Taliban, that had allowed al-Qaeda to run training camps within the country. Since this time many members of al-Qaeda have…

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