The Terminology Of Communication Disorders Speech Language Essay examples

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According to the fifth edition of the Terminology of Communication Disorders Speech-Language-Hearing expressive language is (1) the “use of conventional symbols to communicate one’s perceptions, ideas, feelings, or intentions to others” or (2) the “ability to communicate via the spoken or printed word” (Nicolosi, Harryman, & Krescheck, 2004). Language delay can be defined as the “failure to comprehend or produce language at the expected age; may be due to slow maturation, hearing impairment, brain injury, mental retardation, or emotional disturbances; may also be accompanied by multiple articulatory errors” (Nicolosi et al., 2004). Oftentimes when a young child, ranging between two to three years old, presents a developmental lag in language it is said they have a language delay. Kaderavek (2015) found that the terminology language delay is used in place of language disorder because “experts state that a language disorder cannot be reliably diagnosed in young children in the absence of a primary disorder (e.g., intellectual disability, autism)” (p. 3).
L.K. is a three year, one-month old female referred to the John A. Morris Speech and Hearing Clinic for an evaluation following the Child Development Center annual pre-school screenings. After administering The Fluharty Preschool Speech and Language Test-Second Edition (Fluharty-2) and The Preschool Language Scale-Fifth Edition (PLS-5) it was reported that L.K.’s articulation of sounds was found to be within normal…

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