The Termination Of Pregnancy Is Not Ideal Essay

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For years there has been an ongoing controversy involving abortion. Knowledge about this subject can help is clarifying the truth about it. Several scholars, such as Kenneth Jost and Moira Gaul, discuss interesting but mind boggling facts about abortion. Although the properties of both sides are not completely known, I will argue why the termination of pregnancy is not ideal.
Abortion had been going on long before the 1800s but this is when states started to ban it. By the 1900s, most states had indeed done so. Though it was not legal, people still performed and received them. During the reign to the Comstock Law, women were not using birth control therefore it was happening more. When the law was lifted, it was thought that it would bring abortions to a halt. By again in 1965, all fifty states banned it for what many thought, for good. In 1973, The Supreme Court dealt with a case called Roe vs. Wade. The plaintiff, Roe, pursued a case to which she challenged the abortion laws. The District Attorney, Wade, fought with everything he had but in the end lost the battle. This particular case ensured no legal inference would happen during the women’s pregnancy or at least the first few months. Although it was now legal, not everyone was enthusiastic about this. The ones who agreed were called pro-choice. This meant they were for the choice given to women about their body. The ones, who were not for it, were called pro-life: which meant they were an advocate of life resulting in…

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