The Termination Of Parental Rights Essay

759 Words Jul 30th, 2016 4 Pages
I had the opportunity to attend court with my field instructor experiencing a termination of parental rights (TPR) hearing. Prior to attending court I read the case notes for the past twelve months. Then, I assisted my field instructor with preparing notes for her testimony which allowed me to become familiar with the case to understand what was being discussed in the hearing while also allowing me to connect specific actions or behaviors of the parents to behavior changes in the children. The parents both suffered from drug addiction for the past several years. Although the parents were both court ordered to inpatient treatment six months ago neither had went into inpatient treatment, but had both been to jail on four different occasions. The field instructor had discussed that her testimony needed to be focused on the impact that the parent’s behaviors and actions had on the children and the parent’s lack of compliance. On the day of court the field instructor greeted the parents in the court house lobby and the mother pleaded with the instructor to give her another chance stating her kids were all she had left. The mother continued to state how much she loved her children and would do anything to get them back. This went on for several minutes. Those several minutes felt like eternity to be hearing this mother plead for one more chance to be reunified with her children. The instructor was compassionate while stating that was not something that was in her control rather it…

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