The Term Or The Notion Of Pre Islam Essay

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The overarching term or the notion of pre-Islam "Jahiliyah" which some researchers preferred , despite the claims of justification they offered; only deals with determining the temporal dimension of the-mostly-religious standpoints about pre-Islamic era and cannot (To a certain extent) alternatively be done from the scientific or social standpoints . This does not include another indications that Arabs lived in a complete intellectual dimness with no moralities before Islam nor does it indicate that they experienced an absolute enlightenment stage after Islam ,on the contrary of what is perceived about the pre-Islamic era as being the "Jahiliyah" age ; There were a plethora of men that didn’t only have thick skins with empty souls but rather were men that possessed greatness within them. Men that were impacted by Islam greatly but alternatively impacted Islamic values and had a defining effect on Islamic history afterwards, and from these men emerged Uthman Ibn Affan.

I shall focus in this paper on delving deeper into the life of the third Caliph Othman Ibn Affan before & after Islam and how he was impacted by Islam as a person and as a leader of a Muslim community. In addition I shall examine how his contributions to the Quran by promulgating an official version of the it, impacted greatly in form and in purpose the period after Islam and how they were factors that influenced the approach to understanding Quran, It is also possible to believe that if it weren’t for these…

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