Short And Long Term Effects Of Divorce Essay

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Writing about the history of divorce is really writing about the death of dreams, goals, and promises. Divorce is second to death in the major upheavals that a family endures. When a divorce happens in a family, the whole system is affected in major ways. The loss is also experienced by extended family, friends, and finances. Divorce is hard to endure without everyone getting stressed out, and it has a tendency to cause division among the people who care about each other the most. Announcing the end of a marriage is difficult, because there is no correct way of doing it, without mountains of misunderstandings to ascend through (Chapple, 2005).
The information in this research paper will give insight on the short-and-long term effects
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The scramble for one or both parents to find a new residence is a harrowing experience felt by all the family members, and it is another battle when it is time to divide the household possessions equally and fairly. Who gets what? There will be transportation and travel expenses for two separate households instead of one. The division of the finances is the second biggest stress factor during a divorce after child custody. Whichever spouses is the biggest wage earner feels taken advantage of and holds a lot of hostility toward splitting their hard earned cash. The children have to get used to different levels of comfort, activities/allowances are reduced, and a sense of betrayal by both parents is fostered. The family unit will never be the same. As time moves forward, relationships are not as intense as they were for the non-custodial parent and their children. The parent and the child get disconnected if relationship priorities are not esteemed important enough to work on daily. Eventually, new relationships are bred; loyalties are strained, and the trust-factor is questioned by everyone. Holidays will be forever changed for the immediate and extended family

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