The Pros And Cons Of Adoption

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Adoption has become a huge part of our society today. Adoption has increased over the past few years and it still continues to increase today. It has become more socially accepted in today’s society than it was in the past. “Adoption is the creation of a new permanent relationship between an adoptive parent and child,” (Kidshealth). “Perhaps the earliest known adoption is mentioned in the Bible when the pharaoh 's daughter adopted the baby Moses,” (Kidshealth). There are many reasons as to why people adopt and why people put children up for adoption. Many women adopt children because they cannot have children on their own due to infertility (Kalin). Another reason why people adopt children is because a family member died and their children …show more content…
In order to adopt a child, you must be prepared. You must have adequate living space and resources available to care for and make the child feel wanted and loved (National Adoption Center). To adopt a child, they are many requirements. You must be 21 years of age, be financially stable, have a clear background, and have proof of marriage or divorce (Dudley, 36). In addition to those requirements, you must also have a home inspection and attend a free training class (Dudley, 36). You also cannot have more than 6 children already living with you (Dudley, 36). That includes any other adopted children also (Dudley, …show more content…
Open adotion is when the birth paretns keep contact with the child after it has been adopted (National Adoption Center). They usually write letters, send pictures, talk via phone and even have visits (National Adoption Center). Closed adoption is the most common form of adoption in the United States (Dudley, 52). Closed adoption is when there is absolutely no contact at all between the adopted child and the birth parents (National Adoption Center). This type of adoption is considered “secret” adoption, and the records of biological parents are kept sealed until the child is 17 years of age (National Adoption Center). Most people who want to adopt a child prefer domestic adoption. Domestic adoption is adopting a newborn from birth mom in the United States (National Adoption Center). The birth mom generally has no interaction with the baby or the adopted parents from the moment the child is born (Kalin). A domestic adoption could take up to 7 years before the opportunity even comes available (Dudley, 19). Interstate adoption is adopting a child 4 years or older from a different state (National Adoption Center). This type of adoption is usually due to family violence (Kidshealth). The least common type of adoption in the United States is international adoption. International adoption is adoption of a child from a different country (National Adoption Center). International adoptions are because the countries have a

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