The Tendon Tendinitis ( Distal ) With Rehab Essay

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Biceps Tendon Tendinitis (Distal) With Rehab

Distal biceps tendon tendinitis is inflammation of the distal biceps tendon. The distal biceps tendon is a strong cord of tissue that connects the biceps muscle, on the front of the upper arm, to a bone (radius) in the elbow. Distal biceps tendon tendinitis can interfere with the ability to bend the elbow and turn the hand palm-up (supination). This condition is usually caused by overusing the elbow joint and the biceps muscle, and usually heals within 6 weeks.
Distal biceps tendon tendinitis may include a grade 1 or grade 2 strain of the tendon. A grade 1 strain is mild, and it involves a slight pull of the tendon without any stretching or noticeable tearing of the tendon. There is usually no loss of biceps muscle strength. A grade 2 strain is moderate, and it involves a small tear in the tendon. The tendon is stretched and biceps muscle strength is usually decreased.

This condition may be caused by:
• A sudden increase in the frequency or intensity of activity that involves the elbow and the biceps muscle.
• Overuse of the biceps muscle. This often happens when you do the same movements over and over, such as:
○ Supination.
○ Forceful straightening (hyperextension) of the elbow.
○ Bending of the elbow.
• A direct, forceful hit or injury (trauma) to the elbow. This is rare.

This condition is more likely to develop in:
• People who play contact sports.
• People who play sports that…

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