The Ten Characteristics Of Parenting A Hurt Child

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Parenting a Hurt Child
Nationally, there are approximately 397,000 children who enter the foster care system by 2012. After entering the system some of the children’s parents were being terminated from their parent’s rights, these could be due to to their addiction, poverty, abusiveness or parent’s mental illness, which leave these kids parentless and scared. A Large number of children who came into the system have been a victims of violence at home. Most of these children later result from show sign of mental disability or behaviors disorders depending the type of home they were in. After taking the child out of their unsafe home, the case workers may place the children in their relatives or non-relatives home. About one-quarter of these children
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Foster parents require more training and skills. In Forster Parenting Step-by-step, Gopal describes the ten characteristics of successful foster parents. The ten characteristic include ability to work as a team, capacity to provide a nurturing and caring environment, desire to be a parents linked to own inability to conceive children, identification with the child due to own history of abuse, emotional stability, love children, ability to handle a broad range of behavior disorders, well-trained in foster care, great self-awareness, and transcultural parenting confidence (Gopal, K. 2013, p.25). These are the essential requirement to meets to become good adoptive parents. Children in the system need parents that could help them heal, feel safe, love, and teaches them, so foster parents need to prepare themselves, mentally and physically, to take care of these hurt …show more content…
Separating from their parents and home could cause confusion and frustration in a child. In the beginning, foster children will refuse to adjust in their new foster home which could be a challenge for the adoptive parents. Due to physically abused and neglected, these kids are found to have a mental health issue and abnormal behaviors which could be difficult for foster parents to work with them. Foster parent would have to expect that these children will no accept them as first and that they might not listen until they bond and

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