Essay about The Temple Of The Holy Ghost

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Andrew Jazbani
Mr. Keithley
9 March 2015
Synthesis Essay
“[Through the sacraments] the soul is cured from the weakness of its vices” (Bonaventure 212). These words, appearing in St. Bonaventure’s “Breviloquium”, exemplify the true meaning behind the sacraments. Each sacrament in the Catholic faith is designed to make people into holier human beings, and allow for believers to learn more thoroughly and deeply about God. In addition, sacraments provide a higher ground on which followers worship and come closer to God on a greater level. Archbishop George Niederauer’s “Flannery O’Connor’s Religious Vision,” St. Bonaventure’s “Breviloquium,” and Flannery O’Connor’s short story “The Temple of the Holy Ghost,” all express the common sacramental themes of God’s grace, the spiritual journey, and God as the ultimate healer.
One of the parallels between the three above works is the importance of grace as a component to the sacraments. In O’Connor’s short story “Temple of the Holy Ghost” a young child who is terribly prideful, though striving for grace, finally allows herself to break down her conceited barriers and allow Christ to come into her life through the Eucharist. The child explains her revelation at the end of the story as she rides home from Church with her mother: “The sun was a huge red ball like an elevated Host drenched in blood and when it sank out of sight, it left a line in the sky like a red clay road hanging over the trees” (O’Connor 8).…

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