The Tempest : Pursuit Of Power Essay

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Matt Venter
ENGL 3000
The Tempest: Pursuit of Power The Tempest by William Shakespeare encompasses a theatrical performance that entails a different spectrum than a majority of Shakespeare’s plays, but still hits his common underlying themes. This play begins in a violent storm caused by the Tempest that crashes a boat of with noblemen on it. Shakespeare introduces Prospero, former duke of Milan, who has taken refuge on this island where he and his daughter, Miranda, are watching the storm. This ship has the following people on it: Antonio (Prospero’s brother; took over Prospero’s Dukedom), Alonso (King of Naples), Sebastian (Alonso’s brother), Stephano (nobleman), Trinculu (nobleman), Gonazalo (nobleman to Prospero), and Ferdinand (son of Alonso). Prospero gives Miranda the tale of how they end up here, how Antonio worked with the Gonzalo to overthrow Prospero, and how Gonzalo supported Prospero in his flee from Milan. Prospero is working with a spirit, Ariel, who is serving Prospero with this mythological powers. Ariel was responsible for causing the storm to arise and for the safety of these men be kept. Caliban is introduced, who used to be the only one on the island, is now serving Prospero. Throughout the entirety of this play, there is a number of mischievous acts and movements towards power. The Tempest has four major scenes where disregard for anything, but the pursuit of power is conceived which include: Antonio’s initial deception of Prospero,…

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