The Tempest By William Shakespeare Essay

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The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare, is a classic play where a group of European become shipwrecked on a mysterious island. In most great literary works, such as Shakespeare, there are characters who are described as, “evil.” This “evil” character may be evil for different reasons. In some stories, the character is evil because he or she has intentionally done something wrong or bad. In other stories, the character may be considered evil because they are not viewed as a "normal" human being, and therefore, they are automatically viewed by the reader, as well as the other characters in the story, as evil. In William Shakespeare 's story, The Tempest, the "evil" character is named, Caliban and in alliance with Greenblatt’s argument, Caliban should be considered a “colonial other.” I agree with Greenblatt’s argument and plan I to expand upon the different arguments Greenblatt states by isolating different examples throughout the text where Caliban is rather misunderstood than a unpleasant character in the play.
One critic in particular, Stephen Greenblatt, who is considered an expert on the literary works of Shakespeare, believes that antagonists, such as Caliban from The Tempest can represent more than a source of evil. According to Greenblatt’s argument, Caliban should be viewed as a "colonial other" rather than a universal evil. This means the character is evil not because of what he has done, but because of who he is. The term "colonial other" refers to being…

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