The Tempest By William Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare never ceases to communicate messages through his works, and The Tempest is no exception. There are many lessons and morals taught throughout the course of the play that have both positive and negative impacts. The themes of those who abuse power damaging others, and those that manipulate others for their own benefit are shown to be negative themes that pertain to the dark side of the story, while forgiveness being worth more than revenge teaches a more positive, valuable lesson.

For instance, in the play, Prospero abuses the power that he possesses on the island and makes Caliban, the shipwrecked and Ariel suffer, showing one of the dark themes seen throughout the play. When Prospero and Miranda first arrive on the island, it belongs to Caliban. As Prospero and Miranda spend more and more time on the island, Prospero’s position of power grows and he eventually abuses that power by taking the island away from Caliban. His abuse, however, continues as he takes away Caliban’s freedom by imprisoning him “…In this hard rock, whiles you do keep from me/The rest o’ the island.” (1.2.343-344). Prospero furthermore abuses his position of power by hurting those who he has under his spell. Ariel explains to him that “The king/His brother and yours, abide all three distracted,/And the remainder mourning over them,/… ‘The good old Lord Gonzalo’;/His tears run down his beard” (5.1.11-16), proving that Prospero damages other characters by causing them to go into…

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