Essay on The Tempest By William Shakespeare

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Prospero, the protagonist of The Tempest, and the Duke of Milan, is wronged by his brother, Antonio. Ever since Antonio usurped Prospero, Prospero has been seeking revenge because of his exile on a lonely island, therefore, everything fell into place when Prospero caused the storm with his magic, causing Antonio’s ship to crash onto the island. On the island, Prospero has daughter and two servants with him. Both of his servants came from the witch Sycorax. Ariel had been trapped in a tree on the island by Sycorax and Prospero came to rescue, for ‘his’ salvation, Ariel owed Prospero his servitude until Prospero released him of his duties. Caliban, the “savage,” and Native American of the story, was the son of Sycorax. The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare, explores the ideas of human nature and the extent to which modern civilization suppresses it, and utopianism. The Tempest, contrasts Montaigne’s ideas, which romanticizes “the noble savage.” Prospero, who was once the Duke of Milan, finds himself exiled on an island with his daughter Miranda, after his brother Antonio steals his throne. Prospero values his intelligence, which is the reason he was overthrown in the first place. When Prospero was the Duke of Milan, he valued his pursuit of knowledge over his duties as Duke, which granted Antonio the chance to take the throne Prospero. In addition to his intelligence, Prospero has absolute power over Ariel, Caliban and Miranda. Prospero also has well as his magic…

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