The Temperature Of A Sample Of Lauric Acid As It 's Cooled Essay

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Scientific Objectives
The scientific objectives of the experiment were to measure the temperature of a sample of lauric acid as it 's cooled. The data was manipulated to generate a cooling curve and freezing point.

Matter can be categorized as solid, liquid, or gas this is known as phases of matter. A solid is a sample of matter with a defined volume and a defined shape; this sample is not easily compressible and doesn’t flow smoothly. A liquid has an undefined shape and a fixed volume; Liquid is not easily compressed and flows smoothly. A gas holds the shape and volume of its container, unlike the others gas flowed and compressed easily(2.02 Classifying Matter, n.d.) Changes are physical changes that only affect the appearance and not its chemical substance. In a phase change heat is absorbed or released, when heat is released molecules slow down and get closer together. On the other hand when heat is absorbed molecules move faster and expand. A phase change is often called a phase transition, and each of this transitions has technical names. Fusion or melting point is the change from a solid to a liquid in which the temperature will make a solid melt. In a fusion, heat energy is absorbed making the molecules speed up and move apart. Solidification or freezing point is the change from liquid to solid in where temperature turns a liquid freeze. In solidification, heat is released, and molecules slow down and get closer together. Lastly, vaporization or boiling…

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