The Tell Tale Heart By Edgar Allen Poe Essay

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Insanity has a different perspective for everyone. Some people may find something plain and ordinary insane, while others may think the complete opposite. For instance, people assume that those mentally insane are far beyond normal reasoning rather than those who are believed to be in their right mind. Being insane does not mean that the person questioning their sanity has control over their own feelings or emotions. Even the most demented person can have feeling of guilt and that can lead one’s mind into confusion. In the short story “The Tell-Tale Heart,” by Edgar Allen Poe the main character who is also the narrator finds himself battling an inner mental conflict that leads him to insanity. The reason that drives the narrator into extreme insanity is the old man’s eye, the old man being his housemate. Eventually he loses control over his obsession making him get violent towards his housemate and ends up killing him. Thinking he would not feel any remorse over killing the old man, the feeling of guilt is too overwhelming for the narrator to bear. Eventually the emotion of guilt crashes ¬¬through the unseemingly breakable walls of sanity and the narrator leads path to his own dismay. In his short story Poe uses plot, theme, characterization, and symbolism to acknowledge that even an insane person is capable of having feelings of guilt.
In the plot of the tale, Poe makes the narrator think he is not insane. At the beginning the narrator decides to kill the old…

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